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We build websites with speed in mind. From initial design through to some clever performance-enhancing techniques, you can be confident your website is operating at peak performance, no matter where in the world it is accessed from.

Like slow websites? Neither do search engines.

40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s why page loading time is becoming an important factor when it comes to Google Search rankings.

It's the thought that counts

Intelligent design. Optimum speed.

Page loading time is an important part of the user experience for any website. Too often website owners let it slide to accommodate nifty functionality or to add more content to web pages. Unfortunately, website visitors tend to care more about speed than all the extras we might want to add to our websites. And now, page loading time is becoming a more important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

Website performance starts even before the first line of code is written. Your website design and layout can have a huge impact on overall performance, so thoughtful planning is needed to make the most of limited server resources. Individual components that may not seem like a big issue in isolation all add up and contribute to a greater load on your web server. And more work for your web server means a less responsive website for your visitors.

We minimise components that are resource-hungry and invest careful thought into achieving an attractive design using elements that consume fewer amounts of server resource. What’s more, we pre-include the most common design elements of a website that you might ever need, so you don’t need to keep “bolting on” extras as time goes by.

Once we’ve built your site, we add some custom server configurations and clever performance-enhancing techniques to turbo-charge your website for optimum speed, performance and reliability. You can be confident that everyone is getting the best user experience, no matter where in the world they access your website from.

If you want to know how well a website can really perform, you’re looking at one right now. To get a high-performance website with a beautiful aesthetic, contact us about building your new website today.

Got a WordPress website that's running slow?

We’ll review your website for performance issues and can assist with optimisations to improve your website speed.

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