Getting users to visit your website isn’t enough if they are frustrated by its shortcomings. User experience issues are a significant factor for people abandoning a website – and never coming back. Our user experience audit provides actionable feedback for keeping users on your website longer.

Get 247 user experience checks on your website.

The longer visitors stay on your site, the more engaged they’ll be, and the higher the chance for them to convert. We complete a comprehensive user experience (UX) audit of your website to identify inconsistencies and suggest improvements that can be made.

Home page useability

Understand the home page components needed to launch the user journey and create user interest.

20 checks

Task orientation

Ensure task sequencing is clear and unambiguous allowing users to easily discover what they are looking for.

44 checks

Navigation and IA

Confirm the information architecture (IA) and navigation is well structured and has a clear conceptual model.

29 checks

Forms and data entry

Ensure that users can interact with data collection points free of error, omission and misunderstanding.

23 checks

Trust and credibility

Make sure the website contains the most useful elements that build trust and demonstrate credibility.

13 checks

Writing and content quality

Ensure there is unique and compelling content that is well organised, clear and easily understood.

23 checks

Page layout and visual design

Confirm that all page elements help focus attention, are easily recognisable and are applied consistently.

38 checks

Search usability

Make sure that search provides an intuitive interface that is assistive in helping users find what they are looking for.

20 checks

Help, feedback and error

Confirm the site provides positive contextual feedback on actions and provides clear and direct help where needed.

37 checks

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