Backlink Audit

Remove potentially dangerous backlinks to your website

Save your website from penalties. Our Backlink Audit checks whether malicious websites have links to yours, and removes or disavows them. Backlink Audit is part of our expert suite of search engine optimisation services that improve your SEO.

Backlink Audit

Detoxify your backlink portfolio and strengthen your website rankings

We evaluate all your backlinks and determine your risk of being penalised by Google. Links from malicious and low-reputation sites and carefully analysed to determine if they could harm your website rankings.

Backlink scoring

We score every backlink based on 45+ toxicity markers and reports from users on the Internet.


You receive a report of your entire backlink profile and links identified as suspicious.

Backlink analysis

We manually review every website to confirm whether each potentially toxic link is harmful.

Contact and disavow

We contact toxic link owners to request removal, or we submit a disavow request to Google.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO strategy is a complete SEO services toolkit

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t about clicks and traffic. It’s about real results from SEO that generate revenue for your business, without reliance on paid advertising like Google Ads. Our SEO services use techniques based on real data — facts that guide our decisions and maximise outcomes. The highest value from SEO occurs when your entire digital strategy is aligned and works cohesively to provide relevant content and consistent messaging about your unique business and brand.

SEO Agency

Initial SEO review

Understand where your business is now and begin to identify critical SEO success factors.

Keyword research

Perform keyword research to identify opportunities for your business to gain quality traffic.

Competitor analysis

Identify your most significant competitors and understand the challenges to overcome.

Data and analytics

Implement Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and SEO tools.

Track keyword performance

Understand how you rank in search today and track your performance into the future.

Keyword Position Tracking

Find and fix website issues

Ensure your website is free of issues and errors that can hold back SEO performance.

Technical Website Audit

Create a great website experience

Resolve website shortcomings for a more useful experience that prevents user frustration.

User Experience Audit

Claim local business listings

Be seen in trusted directories that give an SEO advantage in location-based searches.

Local SEO Listing Management

Optimise for local search

Location-based keywords, tags and hashtags, Google My Business, NAP and online reviews.

Local SEO

Speed up your website

Nobody likes a slow website. Neither do search engines. Page speed is a critical factor for SEO.

Site Speed Optimisation

Publish great content

Content creation is key to SEO success. Keywords, tone of voice, readability and originality.

Content Optimisation

Optimise social media share links

Control custom images and text on page links shared by users on their social media.

Open Graph Implementation

Grab attention in search results

Make your business stand out by implementing structured data to produce richer search results.

Rich Results Implementation

Optimise social profiles

Social media is an extension of your brand. Ensure accuracy, completeness and consistency.

Social Media Audit

Encourage quality inbound links

Outreach to source quality backlinks from authoritative domains in your niche.

Link Building

Manage low reputation links

Check for toxic backlinks from low reputation websites and disavow them to search engines.

Backlink Audit