Automation handles complex, routine or repetitive business processes, just as human workers do, using software robots to perform tasks 24 hours a day. It eliminates the burden of activities better suited to machines so that employees can focus on the high-value activities we humans are best at – empathy, content creation, relationship building, communication, strategy and creativity.

Automated Processes



Development experience



Free employees from drudge work

Boost effectiveness, creativity, and efficiency.

Automation is much faster than traditional workers and it doesn’t make mistakes. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No annual leave, no sick leave, no sleep… just constant dedication to accurately completing tasks for your business around the clock.

It saves time, reduces cost and improves customer satisfaction through more timely service interactions. And because your employees have more hours to focus on developing new initiatives, it increases business capability and drives growth.

Your staff can spend more time on what they’re really good at, and less time pushing paper or putting out fires.

Reduce costs

Perform tasks faster and at a lower cost than human workers.

Eliminate human error

Accomplish tasks accurately the first time, every time.

Increase productivity

Save time so that employees can focus on high-value work.

Increase throughput

Perform tasks in seconds, not minutes or hours.

Improve customer satisfaction

Respond to and satisfy your customers' needs efficiently and consistently.

Expand capability

Implement the innovative ideas you've always imagined, but never had the time to develop.

Drive business growth

Increase your capacity for more business without the costly need for more human workers to perform low-value tasks.

Gain competitive advantage

Outperform your competitors by doing more, better and with fewer resources.


Examples of automation at work.

  • Read, create and send emails
  • Export data to Excel and attach it to an email
  • Keep email campaign lists in sync with your database
  • Crop and resize images
  • Convert handwritten, typewritten or printed text in images and scanned documents into text
  • Manipulate files
  • Connect systems that were never designed to work together
  • Create and send PDF files
  • Post to Twitter
  • Scraping content from the web and publishing it on your website
  • Check your systems for data entry errors or non-compliance with business rules
  • Publish events automatically to Eventbrite

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